On a positive note


Despite problems we are having with LEA - that would weaken your will to home education- it remains that only strong ppl make this choice and for a reason. We are happy as ever in our choice to home educate and continue to do so. Despite dealing with criminals and bullies at east dunbartonshire council.

My daughter is happy and now has excellent Italian grammer, poetry and history at college level- is learning Korean not by me self taught.
Has written 3 books which as an adult find engaging( any publishers advice out there welcome) She has surpassed me in algebra and maths so much so i have to educate myself before lesson plan.

she has dramatically demonstrated her home education puts her above peers in same age group while interacting socially.

very proud of her hard work and it pays off big time to home educate.

It would be nice if LEA didn't try and make it appear negative and encouraged it for benefit of child and family though. Do they not understand the damage they do.

This is a right that needs to be protected at all costs for future generations.

Home education is not for everyone but its right for us and always will be as far as we can see. College and uni yes please.