Ofsted boss 'concerned' about surge in home education


The inaccurate terminology disease ('homeschooling') has spread to the Independent, while home education is scapegoated by those whose failing system has led to more of us doing it! A good look in the mirror is what is needed as children are neither safe nor educated in state schools.

Ofsted boss 'concerned' about surge in home education as under-pressure schools 'shovel' children back to parents

The Ofsted boss is “very concerned” about a huge rise in home education which she says can be partly blamed on schools under pressure “shovelling” children back to parents.

Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Ofsted, told MPs that schools handing over responsibility because they could not cope has contributed to the significant growth in home schooling.

Her comments to the Commons Education Select Committee came after headteachers and local authority officers suggested home schooling had surged because of accountability pressures.
The Ofsted boss added that she was also concerned about parents who said they were home educating but who were in fact sending children to unregistered schools with a “religious slant”.

“It is clearly a growing area and one where it is very difficult to have no handle on why a child is there, whether they are safe, and whether they are getting a minimum expected standard of education”, Ms Spielman said.