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Hi ive decided that the only way my son is going to even have achance is hoem schooling him. He is due to go into year 11 next week. He has adhd, anxiety, and attended 30% of lessons at school last year. He bunked off, bad atoitude and could cope with school life and lessons. The thing is I want to get him through four gcses and need advice and links to papers in science, english, maths and history. Or any worksheets he can plough through until I get my act together, Also does anyone know of any small grants or funding, Im live in essex


Have you linked up with local home educating families? They should be able to offer a bit of guidance as you start out.

Most of the local groups have a Facebook presence, including Home Education Essex.

You'll also find some usful info on the HE Exams wiki.

There is no financial support for home education, but some families have successfully applied to trusts for assistance with specific items.