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Hello, I have just decided to take my 5 year old daughter out of school. I sent a letter by recorded delivery in a week before the holiday last week, I just wondered if I will receive a reply back from the school to say my child has been de-registered? I have emailed a follow up to ask if she has. I just don't want a school officer turning up on my doorstep out the blue!
Been thinking of doing this for a while for numerous reasons
cost of busfare £25 pw
Not being heard at parents evening (having a 10 min timer on, where teacher speaks only)
My child being diagnosed with ADHD just because she gets bored of reading for long periods
Endless charity events the school expect money for
amount of homework dumped on us of an evening
my child being stressed about homework
the stress of absence, having to explain a cold for instance, and not being able to get an appointment from the Drs or proof

these are just a few of the reasons why I pulled my daughter out. Lol!

Im trying to get my home business going too, ebay retail, which is bringing in peanuts right now, its so hard being a single parent but I know I have done the right thing for both me and her!
If you've got proof of receipt for the letter then you just need to have that to hand if someone contacts you about lack of attendance. You can just tell them that you sent a letter recorded delivery and that you have proof they received it, so they need to go check their records properly. It may be that the head just informed the LA and so they'll be in contact in due course. If you're really lucky, someone screwed up and you're off the radar.

Which LA is it?