Never mind consent, just steal the data


HEF blog post: Never mind consent, just steal the data

According to the latest snippet of Scottish Government spin, the compulsory Named Person is a point of contact that parents do not need to approach if they choose not to. Lying by omission is still lying, of course. Parents don’t need to approach anyone for their sensitive personal data to be mined without consent (i.e. stolen), trawled by everyone including hackers, edited, corrupted, or even fabricated, then used as ‘evidence’ against them by any of the professionals with whom they have come into contact and who may not approve of their parenting choices.

For those who have swallowed the spin, this performance by a government cheerleader is a must listen.

BBC: Child protection chief quizzed on Named Person
Now that confidentiality is no longer sacrosanct, it is surely eminently sensible for every parent to (a) keep every professional at arm’s length, (b) insist on written details of every alleged ‘concern’ (who raised it and when), and (c) video/audio record (then transcribe verbatim) every ‘engagement’, since ‘minutes’ may bear no resemblance to actual events.

For anyone who think that all sounds a bit paranoid, you probably won’t have to wait too long to find out they are also out to get you! The Snooperati are already implementing legislation that has not yet come into force with apparent impunity. Of course, if you are one of those useful idiots who don’t have anything to hide, you won’t mind your child’s or your own medical conditions, your sister’s post natal depression, grandad’s dementia or a distant relative’s problems with alcohol being gathered and shared willy nilly (and possibly becoming the subject of playground tittle tattle, as has already happened).

But have you considered for a moment that, regardless of your own cavalier attitude to personal privacy, just maybe all these other people will mind their sensitive personal data being misused in this way – if they ever find out, that is, since no one has ever told them, let alone asked their consent.