Nearly 5. Registering for what?


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Hi there Home Educators.

My wife and I decided on home ed before our first son was born. It's been mostly negative reactions from people. Even though my son is, and always has done great without offloading him to anyone who'll take him.
I love the way people react, always the same, there's never a new argument.
I'm not a mean person, but after 4 years of arrogant ignorance from others, i can't be bothered wasting my time on them. If anyone ever shows interest, I'm happy to talk to them.

Anyway, my wife feels the pressure more than I do, she met a daft health visitor who proceeded, in public, to tell her we had to register our son for something, she didn't say what. This HV has always went on about nursery, which I always felt was just prep for school.

As far as I was aware, we don't need to register anything, and any participation is a trap.
Do we need to register for anything, if so, what?

If the info is already here, sorry, but I don't have broadband, this mobile is like ye olde dial up, very slow.

Thank you in advance.
Hi and Welcome!

I too have had some experiences with Health Visitors who seem to think that they know education law. Great fun isn't it?

No, you don't have to register for school. Responsibility for education lies with the parent, not the local council. Where abouts in the country are you?

Hope you hear more positive voices on here!

Kind regards



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Relax, you don't need to register for anything. You don't need to inform anyone that you intend home educating. You don't need to notify anyone when you "start" home educating.

But what you can and should do is have a quiet word the health visitor and tell her that you "know" it's illegal but you think you can get away with it as long as nobody informs the police.
That will probably backfire because the HV will probably go inform the police who will probably send social services round. Sadly lacking in clue and humour, this lot.

You will almost certainly not be able to remain unknown to your LA, the HV will doubtless follow up and see whether your child is registered at a school. Of course, you could always write yourself a letter, then you can tell the HV with a straight face that you have written to the educational establishment of your choice. If asked which one, point out that when she demonstrates knowledge of education law, you'll tell her.


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I doubt it. Police have better things to do, they don't routinely even visit premises where there's been a burglary. And social services may have their share of the world's idiots but even they wouldn't turn up to question a parent about why they aren't sending their four year old to nursery.

There's no need to jump through hoops like writing any letters just to defend against a HV's questions. Or to get into an argument with her about her lack of knowledge of education law.


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Hi Lynn, thanks for reply, it is quite fun.
I feel sorry for them. She is asking me if i need to register, when she can't even go to the hassle of checking her employer's website.
We are in wishaw. :)

Thanks Dad23, we had a laugh at that one. I don't know if i'd risk offending the fragile ego of these people. :)

Thanks llondel, that's a good tip. :)


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Thanks Dad23, I don't think i would write any letters. I usually just ignore ignorant people, engaging these people usually only invites them into my life.