Named Person scheme being rolled out in other parts of UK


I have been asked to post this information on behalf of an individual who prefers to remain anonymous and who suspects that the intrusive Named Person scheme (including associated non opt-out 'support' and data theft) is already being rolled out by stealth in England and possibly also other parts of the UK.

I am a nana with Special Guardianship of my grandson, 4, who has been in my sole care since he was 7 months old (LA care before that). I am in receipt of Special Guardian allowance which is means tested and will reduce/ diminish as my income improves. Special guardianship means that the LA are no longer involved with me and/or my grandson.

Very recently I was contacted to 'discuss' any further help or support me and my grandson might need (a little late 3+ years on and a surprise). Talking to the lead social worker, it turned out that the offer of 'help' was actually nothing of the sort and was/is a disguised plan to begin Named Person in England. The lady had no specific help to offer but instead wanted details of my grandson's nursery so that they could set up a 'key person' at school (or health visitor or GP if not at nursery) in order to provide another point of contact they can speak to to 'ensure the child's needs are being met'. The lady also advised me that this is something being rolled out to families with residence orders etc, basically anyone in LA care living with foster parents and seemingly even those who have left care with no further involvement from the LA required.

I objected immediately, asking for more information to be sent out to me. The lady first suggested that it was only families who received any form of financial support from the council, but when I asked if the 'key person' would still be in place if I did not receive financial support the lady wouldn't comment. Neither would she say whether there is a choice to opt out. I was furious at the suggestion that my grandson's nursery would be contacted after all this time to appoint a 'key person' as it might appear that we suddenly have problems that we don't have! A 'key person' at school would single us out and if the policy revolves around financial support, this singles us out to the school even further (in comparison to say other Special Guardianship families that don't need financial assistance).

More worrying was the sinister approach, veiled as help when really all they want is to set up a Named Person! I have written to my LA asking for more info, for any legislation that requires a 'key person' or a copy of the 'new policy' but cannot achieve a response. I wonder if any other Special Guardians or people with care in England are being affected by this. It is worth noting that Special Guardians (or anybody with care of another person's child) have been subjected to in-depth background checks - medical, financial and doctors records as well as assessment for parenting capacity before the child is placed with you.

In cases of Special Guardianship, the LA are no longer involved with any aspect of the child's care. We are like any other parent, so why do we need a 'key person' to see if the child's needs are being met any more than anyone else does? Why can we not refuse this 'help' and what if the nursery provider (who sees my grandson three times a week) disagrees with any aspect of our daily lives? If there is concern for any child then a supervision order should be applied for. If not, leave us alone!
I have suggested that this lady submit a FOI request to her LA for a copy of the policy documents since they have so far failed to provide the details she quite legitimately asked for. It sounds very much like the Highland 'pathfinder' where they deliberately chose soft targets (children with additional support needs whose parents had been serially fobbed off by services), binning any complaints they received in order to claim universal success and mis-selling the policy as a child protection measure (using tried and tested grave robbing propaganda) in order to conceal the fact that it is all about the data, mass citizen surveillance and social engineering.

If anyone else has experienced this sort of function creep in England, Wales or N Ireland, please post the information on this thread, or in our private forums if you prefer. You can also reach us via our FB page or Twitter account. Please also alert other parents to the threats posed by these compulsory support policies to every one of their children. Every Child Matters didn't stay dead for long, did it?