My Reasons


These are my reasons so are very personal to me -

1. I want to see all the little things she does and not miss out on her growing up. She's already two and it just seems like yesterday that I gave birth to her!

2. Shes unique - I dont want her to be just another number to a teacher.

3. I birthed her - its my duty to look after her and educate her with the skills she'll need to flourish.

4. Bullying - What else can we expect from children who dont have any guidance. I for one dont want my precious child to be a victim.

5. Abuse - The safest place for a child is with their mother. I know there are exceptions to this rule. But I want to make sure she is safe from harm. Childhood should be full of innocence and fun there is plenty of time for growing up.

6. Attachment parenting - we are an attachment parenting family so it would be strange for us to be parted from her.

7. Children learn from us - As long as we are good role models children learn alot more from how we act and behave than sitting with a group of children their own age.

No doubt I will add to this list as things come to me xxx