Mum attempts suicide after being 'driven to rock bottom' due to inadequate support


Another great GIRFEC 'success' story from the SHANARRI wheel-spinning South Lanarkshire Council, who "continue to work with the family to find a solution that best serves the interests of the child."

Mum attempts suicide after being 'driven to rock bottom by years of inadequate support with autistic son'

A loving mum has twice attempted suicide in despair at the lack of support for her severely autistic son.

Now Catriona McRoberts has been forced to rent a second house to keep her older children safe from their younger brother, who also suffers from behavioural condition ADHD.

The family have endured nine-year-old Kyran’s terrifying, violent attacks for years and say they have been let down by all the agencies who could make a real difference to their lives.

In tears, Catriona, 46, from East Kilbride, admitted she had twice attempted to end her own life when she reached rock bottom.
The one chance the family had to help Kyran – and his sister Georgia, 16, and brother Logan, 10 – was snatched away by South Lanarkshire Council.

They turned down a placement request for a specialist residential school, Ochil Tower School in Auchterarder, which places the child at the centre and adopts a holistic approach to care and education.

The council insisted Greenhills Primary could manage his needs.

But in the last nine months, Kyran has been excluded four times after violent outbursts which have injured teachers, support workers and children.
The family were forced to go to a private mental health specialist after waiting two years for an NHS professional to tell them nothing could be done. Kyran has since been diagnosed with ADHD and has medication to help.

The family have also been struggling to find respite care and say social workers have let them down.

Catriona said: “The care system is completely broken in Scotland and we are on our knees.”
Lib Dem health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton* said: “My heart goes out to these people.

“It is quite clear this woman and her family have been utterly failed by every aspect of our education and care system.

“We expect in 2018 to have provision for additional support needs delivered to a high standard across every local authority.

“But time and again we find the social care services the vulnerable family need to rely on bear the brunt of cutbacks.”
* The man with no shame, who declared GIRFEC to be a resounding success at every opportunity when he worked for (state funded) Aberlour, but changed his tune as soon as he boarded the Holyrood gravy train with guaranteed salary and pension.