Moving to England to have Home education, help


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Hi everybody,

We are parents who would like to homeschool our child. We currently live in Croatia where this is not legally possible. We really checked out all of the options and the only thing that we can do is to move out of Croatia.

Since we have a lot of friends in UK we thought that it would be good option to register our child in English school, and then do homeschooling.

We really checked out the benefits of homeschooling and think that it is really important that our child gets this chance in life.

We are both highly educated and ready and willing.

If there is anyone who went through similar situation, please write your suggestions, ideas, and anything that can help us go through this easier.

Thank you.
Hi and welcome,

I think it would be easier for you if you don't register them with a school. If you register them they'll be expected to attend until you de-register them, and if they've been on the school register then the school will have to notify the local authority that you've taken them out to home educate them. If you don't register them then you can just get on with it yourselves.

Do you know which part of the country you are going to move to? There will probably be some groups there that could help you out?

Good luck with your move :)

LovingHomeEd offers very good advice. British law does not require you to inform the authorities if you home educate and your child has not been in a British school.

If you are intending to home educate then just get on with it and you should be left alone.

If you encounter any problems this forum is a good place to find advice.

Hope your move goes well,