Moray Home Schoolers


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Hi i'm interested in home schooling my 4 year old as she is doing brilliantly just now with a few hours i'm doing with her. Is there any Moray HE groups in Elgin or Moray eare, or some good advice to get it all started and she is meant to register for a school in Feb.



Firstly, you don't need to 'register' your child for school. Even if you fill in the forms, you can change your mind and simply not send her to school. She will not attain compulsory education age until the start of the school session (usually mid August) after her fifth birthday. Anyone who claims otherwise should be asked to put this in writing with all the legal references.

There are a few home educating families in Moray, most of whom can be found on our allied Facebook group. If you don't do Facebook, we can try and put you in touch with a local group directly.