Media requests


My name is Moya Sarner, and I am a journalist working on a feature about home education in London, focusing in particular on the impact of the Badman report and the shortage of primary school places.

I am in search of London families who home educate to interview for the article. As you can imagine, the personal angle to this story is key; two or three case studies would help dispel any preconceptions of home education that the general reader may hold, and give a more accurate portrayal of the situation in reality.

Would you be able to put me in touch with someone who might agree to be interviewed for the piece? Please do send them my details, or if they are happy for you to send me theirs, I will gladly make contact.

I can be reached by email, at, or on my mobile (07736 836088).

It may be easier to discuss these matters by phone: if you would be kind enough to send me a contact number, I will ring at a time that is convenient for you.

If you could get back to me by Wednesday next week it would be much appreciated, as my deadline is fast approaching.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Moya Sarner
Urgent media request

Although we realise that few people will want to even consider the following request in the wake of the recent excuse for journalism demonstrated by the Sunday Post, we have had a media request from a journalist who is planning a two page feature in one of the Sundays and who wishes to speak to a family about what home eduaction is like in practice.

Unusually, owing to the negativity felt by home educators as a result of recent skewed coverage, the jouranalist has indicated that she will read the copy back in advance of publication to anyone who agrees to be interviewed. She has written some reasonably balanced pieces in the past which is the only reason we are bothering to post this request.

If anyone is willing to speak to her, please contact Schoolhouse for more details. It would need to be soon to meet the deadline.


Do you know someone who needs or deserves a brand new garden?

We've been asked to post this media request.


ITV1’s hit series “Love Your Garden” starring Britain’s favourite gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, is back. Last year Alan helped people across the country whose gardens had suffered as they coped with life’s challenges, building them a brand new outdoor space.

Now Alan is looking for more deserving people with gardens that desperately need transforming. They could be an unsung hero or a tireless fundraiser or a family that is coping with difficult circumstances. Whatever the story, if you think a garden created by Alan himself could help them or be a fitting way to say “thank you” then please contact us with your contact details and a brief description of the person you are nominating using one of the following methods:

BY POST: Love Your Garden PO BOX 64382 LONDON EC2P 2GJ
If he wants a challenge then he could try ours :)

There's something out there that is a cross between a triffid and a yucca plant. It's in full bloom at the moment, so it's obviously somewhat deranged. You'd need full jungle survival kit to enter some parts of the garden, although the muntjac deer seem to manage it OK.