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The Primary Mathematics Challenge 2010

Just got an email about this years maths challenge it said to post the following details on Home Ed sites!

"The Primary Mathematics Challenge is a national competition consisting of a test with interesting, mathematical problems (mostly multiple choice) aimed at the top 60% of 9-11 year olds, although anyone aged 11 or under on 31 August 2012 can enter. I'd say it is suitable for children who enjoy maths and problem-solving and get bored being tested on whether they can "do" the basics. There is more information and past papers on the Mathematical Association' s
website: uk. Every child taking part will get a certificate, and Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates will be awarded to those who do particularly well.

Home-educators cannot enter children directly through the Mathematical
Association so if you would like to enter a home educated child, please join com/groups/ PMC-Home- Ed where there is information about how to enter.

Last year, 41 home-educated children aged 7-11 took part, 9 of whom reached the national Finals. It would be great to see even more entries this year!"
Mathletics Offer

We have recently purchased a years subscription to the following link for maths for our daughter, I thought we would pass on the code incase any others may be interested.

This was the reply we got, as we had asked for a discount as we Home Educated.

As a home Educator I am pleased to offer you our special discounted cost of £25 per child for a 12 month Mathletics licence (nearly 40% discount off the normal cost of £39) or £37.50 per child for a 12 month Mathletics and Spellodrome licence. The annual subscription includes total accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Free Parent Centre, Free technical support, Free continued upgrades and a regular Mathletics newsletter. Just in case you are not completely satisfied we offer a 10 day money back guarantee.

The current promotional code is SUM2012 – simply visit and click the ‘Home Purchase’ tab. You will need to enter the promotional code in the promotion code box in the Shopping cart and click ‘Accept’, the discounted deal will appear simply click ‘Order’ to confirm your purchase..
Khan Academy

We love Khan Academy.
We love the way it is all levels to all people. You can follow the 'star-chart' which guides you through the Maths universe from 1+1 to calculus, or you can just click on 'calculus' and have a go! No-one stops you!
Nor do they stop you doing the same thing over and over again, my son likes 'telling the time' and 'creating bar charts', ad infinitum.
We love it because it is CLEAR ON THE PAGE.
We love that Sal Khan does real-time video explanations and doesn't edit out mistakes, just corrects himself.. mistakes happen, that's part of the lesson.
Points and badges awarded for clear rounds, but also for sticking at stuff you've had trouble with..
We love Khan Academy!
Well, you did ask.


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Useful online free resources (from a math's teachers perspective)

:yo: (free worksheets on just about anything) (where teachers themselves find loads of their resources, signing up is free) (someone else already suggested it, and you have a limited access for free, but it is fun and very good) (great visual charts and definitions of stuff) (for anyone interested in formal testing at some point, has a bank of exam papers and a couple of interactive ones. oh and has science and english papers too)

will put some more ideas up soon...

if you have any questions that you think a qualified maths teacher might be of help with, please feel free to pick my brain.



Received this recommendation from Frank, who is ex-teacher (of science) who finds himself needing to teach his nephew science and maths.

Here is the best site I have found for teaching maths. It follows the National Curriculum (England & Wales) as it currently stands but can be used for other curricula. It has a clear curriculum year by year, detailed lesson plans, workbooks, interactive tutorials, tests and assessment and really needs bringing to the attention of home schooling parents. And it is FREE.


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Quick-fire Method of Squaring & Cubing of Numbers up to 100

Please use this sticky thread to post links to resources you have found useful for Maths. It would be helpful if you could add comments regarding age and stage suitability.
Total Video Tutorial of 60 Mins in 4 parts. This course is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to make their life easier with MATH Use COUPON Code: QFMSUPER100 for free access. :clap2: