Mathing Off


An extensive maths resource, best described by their intro...


Welcome to MathingOff, a list for unschooling math, deschooling math, deprogramming math anxiety, and just plain having fun with math!

This list is dedicated to exploring how math can be learned without "school", without canned curricula, without lesson plans, without artifically dividing it up into grade levels and testing and drilling it to death; and how math is naturally all around us and how children (and adults too!) are doing math all the time, whether they realize it or not!

This list is geared towards unschooling, but those who are "unschooling except for math" (but are looking to let go of that last hang-up) or homeschoolers of any sort who are interested in thinking about math education outside the box are welcome!

MathingOff : Math Unschooled!