Massive cuts to education in Highlands


So much for GIRFEC.

Massive cuts to education in Highlands (P&J)

Director of care and learning Bill Alexander has outlined massive cuts to education in a letter to headteachers, admitting: “I’m afraid none of this is welcome news.”
The measures include axing 40 teaching posts and reducing additional support for learning in schools.
“Reduction, in Additional Support for Learning in schools. This will involve significant reductions in the number of PSAs (Pupil Support Assistants) and ASN (Assistant Special Needs) teachers.

“Reduction in special additional support services. This is likely to impact in educational psychology, behaviour support, English as an additional language, interrupted learning, autism, assistive technology, and pre-school support services.

“Reduced teacher staffing in medium sized and larger secondary schools, involving around 40 posts.


I note that these are only proposals,and these will be discussed by councillors on the 15th February. These proposals have been made for a reason, and there is no way that they will be refused either :lalala:

Can anyone explain how Reductions in services, compliment Girfec?