Local Authority Refusing to Allow FlexiSchooling


Hi I am inquiring on behalf of a friend whose daughter is in full time education primary 2 but wants to flexi school. The local authority is North Lanarkshire and is saying they have never heard of it. Anyone have advice re rights and tactics?


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The rules on flexischooling are slightly different in Scotland. Here is the relevant legislation:

Local authorities may occasionally receive a request to withdraw a child part time from school, e.g. for the child to attend school only on certain days, or for certain subjects. The feasibility of each request should be considered on its own merit, while taking into consideration that under Section 28 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 ‘ so far as is compatible with the provision of suitable instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure, pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents’ . Ultimately, however, it is a decision for each local authority and school as to whether they can support such an arrangement.
It is entirely up to the LA and school. While FS sounds an ideal half-way house it is fraught with problems and schools are understandably not keen on it. We don't have "rights" to flexischool. I would suggest a different approach - demonstrating to the head why it's in the school's best interest to allow it.


I'd suggest your friend speak to Margaret Barrett, the home ed contact, who goes out of her way to be helpful and may know of flexischooling precedents within the LA.