LOADS of hs books & curriculum for sale!!!

Homeschool Books for Sale
Sonlight Grade 3 Readers and Schedule- £95
Writing with Ease- Susan Wise Bauer- Workbook Level 1 (text has been read but worksheets have not been used at all) - £20
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Math 4 Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Math 5 Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Math 7 Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 Book & DVD’s - £80
Sonlight Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus Book & DVD’s - £80
Addition Flash Cards- £2
Subtraction Flash Cards- £2
Multiplication Flash Cards- £2
Division Flash Cards- £2
Learning Advantage Junior Balance- £15
Learning Resources Metric Weights- £10
Learning Resources Centimeter Cubes - £15
Learning Resources Geared Clock- £5
Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes- £10
Rightstart Math Levels A, B & C + Starter Kits & Worksheets – (Teachers book C is in fair condition- front cover ripped and some stains in book, all other items in great condition) - £225

Sonlight Learning Resources Pattern Blocks, Puzzles for Pattern Blocks, & Pattern Block Cards - £35
Multicube Linking Cubes for counting, fractions, etc. Set of 10x10 - £5

Language Arts
Sonlight Language Arts K- Includes Instructor's Guide, Readers K, First Picture Dictionary, & Language and Thinking for Young Children, Bingo Games (you will need to order the student activity sheets)- £25

Grade 4-5 Readers w/ Language Arts 4-5 (formally Readers 2 Advanced & Reading with Longer Chapter Books) Please note the student sheets are not included and the new ones may not match up exactly as this is the 2008 version) - £105

Shurley English Homeschooling Grammar & Composition Level 3 Teacher's Manual- £20
Sonlight Handwriting without Tears 3rd Grade Cursive Teacher’s Guide - £10
Sonlight Handwriting without Tears Chalkboard – £2
Sonlight Handwriting without Tears Blackboard with double lines- £4

Sonlight Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science 2nd Edition- includes Sonlight schedule, Textbook, Solutions and Tests Book, CD & Science Supplies Kit - £75

Sonlight Apologia Biology Schedule Plus
Exploring Creation with Biology - Text only
Exploring Creation with Biology - Solutions & Tests Manual only
Exploring Creation with Biology - Multimedia CD 2nd Ed
Microscopy Supplies Kit
Advanced Dissection Kit with Specimens
Sonlight® Ultra Microscope- variable voltage

(My daughter only got half way through this program this year and now going off to college so most items are totally unused. Dissection kit still intact, textbook in excellent condition) - £240

History & Literature
We wanted to do a complete British History Core this year and since Sonlight doesn't offer one, we have hand made our own. Taken from several cores, we have combined the Sonlight books which focus on British History and created a study suitable for Jr.High/High School level. Books included are as follows:

100 Great Stories from British History
Kingfisher Encyclopedia of British History
2000 Years- the Christian Faith in Britain

Till We Have Faces
The Shining Company
Romeo & Juliet
Outlaws of Sherwood
Twelfth Night
Pilgrim's Progress
Robinson Crusoe
Parcel of Patterns
Christmas Carol
Treasure Island
Pride & Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Oliver Twist
Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Screwtape Letters
Going Solo

Read Alouds:
Eagle of the Ninth
Flame Over Tara
Black Horses for the King
Catherine Called Birdy
Proud Taste for Scarlet and Minerva
Mary Bloody Mary
Murder for Her Majesty
Shakespeare Stealer
Master Cornhill
Ravenmaster's Secret
Kidnapped Prince
Heart Strangely Warmed
Mary Jones and Her Bible
Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster
Betsy and the Emperor
Nory Ryan's Song

36 Week Schedule (does not included notes or commentary on books, just reading schedule only)

All books are in good to new condition - £250

American History
Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers – Colonial Life - £20
Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers – American Revolution - £20
Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers – Early 19th Century - £20
Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers – Civil War - £20

Sonlight Artistic Pursuits Junior High Book 2 – Color & Composition - £25
Sonlight Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book 1- Elements of Art & Composition- £25
Sonlight Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book 2- Color & Composition- £25
Sonlight Usborne Children’s Book of Art- £10

Sonlight The Story of the Orchestra - £15
Play the Violin Violin Method Volume 1 (writing in pencil on half the pages) - £10
ETA Cohen’s Violin Method Book 2 (pencil writing on many pages) – £5
Antoni Violin- full size in great condition with case- £50

Evan Moor Daily Take it to Your Seat Geography Centers Grades 3-4 - Used but complete (apart from 1 cut out) £10
Evan Moor Daily Geography Practice Grade 4 (New) - £15

Bible Study
Kay Arthur Inductive Bible Study for Kids- God’s Amazing Creation (New) £6
Henry Blackaby Experiencing God Youth Edition - £8
The Mission Zone - Teaching resource about other cultures, mission and how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ - £5

Other Resources
Sonlight Ruth Beechick The Three R's- £3

Sonlight Book of Time (Some stickers from Core 3 have been added) – £10
Sonlight Core 5 Time line Figures (missing 5) - £3
Native American Cherokee Fun & Learn Activity Book (New) - £3
Titanic Belfast Activity Book (New) - £2