Sheila Struthers

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My 19yo son has expressed an interest in studying linguistics.

I've found him a cheap second hand introduction and a few online links so he can explore a bit further.

Does anyone have any experience of college/university courses?

Entrance qualifications could be a bit of a problem (10 OU credits, a clean driving licence and a few gymnastics certificates aren't going to go very far...) but we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.
Definitely university and not college! I studied linguistics as part of a degree in Communication and Media. The subject is closely related to both English and Semiotics, so I'd have a look at degrees focusing on those subjects. (Semiotics might be right up his street too!)

Find the degree, then the name of the Head of Department and make a direct approach. Don't fiddle about with normal application processes, but ask for a meeting with the head and then be prepared to discuss the subject and perhaps show examples of written work.

Good Luck!
Hi Sheila,

I studied Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Leeds. The department is very small and friendly (or it was when I was there, I finished in 2009) They are very flexible, I switched to study part time when I had my daughter (after 2nd year) and they were nothing but supportive. Well worth contacting the admissions tutor directly :)

All the best!