Legal advice we are happy to share, unlike like the Scottish Government

Update from Schoolhouse on the Children & Young People (Scotland) Bill, GIRFEC, information sharing and named person provisions (plus a bit more besides!)

Legal advice we are happy to share, unlike like the Scottish Government

Despite requests from MSPs and members of the public, the Scottish Government is still refusing to publish its legal advice on the most contentious aspects of its Children and Young People Bill, currently making its weary way through the Scottish Parliament. Given the parliamentary arithmetic, whereby the government can steamroller through what it likes and is showing every sign of doing so in this case, it is unlikely that any appeal to common decency will persuade “those who know best for everyone else” to abandon the convenience of opacity in favour of transparency.

So far, all amendments seeking to curb unwarranted state intervention in family life, based on tick box state dictated ‘wellbeing’ indicators which fall below the established child protection risk threshold of ’significant harm’ (mainly tabled by Liz Smith MSP), have been rejected, and the government clearly intends to persist with its misguided plans that would impose a Named Person on every child in Scotland and permit the sharing of personal information on every child, family member and pet goldfish on an unprecedented scale.


Another expensive and completely stupid disaster in the making. We should all stop paying taxes to dry up the wells supplying these wastrels.