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Have 4 children - I home ed - age 12 - had an out of the blue visit from LEA man today - upset my child - told us a home ed child had been murdered - also said a lot of home ed parents were militants - wanted to see reams of paperwork there and then to assess my son - I suggested that that he could assess my son there and then - he told me that was unacceptable -
in the end I asked him to leave - expect problems to come

Any advice would be welcome

Worried Dad


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Since an explanation of your situation will potentially contain details such as your geographical location etc, I have also copied your post into the private forums here so that experienced home educators can reply to specifics. You should now have access to our private members' area.

No home educated child has been murdered in the UK, ever, to my knowledge. If your LA is trying to pin the Khyra Ishaq case on home education (a major lie perpetrated by the gutter press and the BBC), they should be pointed towards the judgment in that case which found the statutory services seriously lacking. They may yet face charges of corporate manslaughter for failing to save the child and you will find that case discussed at length in various threads here.

You should find plenty of support on the forums, so I'm glad you found us.
So Many Thanks For Information,

My Son and I have been in tears today - He has been so happy and learning well since coming out of mainstream education -
After the visit from the LEA man from Barnsley today our home has been in turmoil - We are sending a formal complaint to Barnsley LEA - Don't want this happeniong to others -

These people are scary -

Many thanks again,

Glenn & Kids

Elaine Kirk

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If you posted it on here with names removed people would be able to make suggestions if there is anything else you could add .