LA and LEA

I have been reading through some posts since joining today and have come across LA and LEA a few times.

Can someone tell me what they stand for?

They sound like some authority that make trouble for you judging from what I read.

I'm new to this. Oh, and I am in Scotland, is it different rules up here than in England?

Forgive me for sounding dumb.


Hi Concernedfather,

The initials stand for Local Education Authority (LEA) and Local Authority (LA). LEA is an old term, but we who have been around a while slip up and use it because it's familiar. The Local Authorities are all LAs now.

Yes, Scottish rules are different to those in England. Schoolhouse can tell you more:

LAs are all different. Some of them like to overstep their authority and harass home educators. Others are OK. A few will harass home educators if those good folk allow them to. It's best to beef up on all the law surrounding home education so you can counter any rubbish from the LA in your area.

Hope that helps.