keeping record of days

Just looking into ideas on how to record what we do and what they have learnt, what it was good and what it wasn't, in general keeping a record.

I'm thinking to use photos with my comments on how it went and what they said but don't know whether there is a specific softwear for this or any other way.

Do you keep any kind of record, and how do you do it?

Elaine Kirk

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I used to blog!! cor blimey that seems many many moons ago I used to love doing our updates didn't say where we lived or anything just happy pics and 'we went here and there' type rambling. But then some keeper of the Empire (aka taxpayer funded council employee) decided I was exposing my child to danger ...I didn't even use her everyday name but...
That was 4yrs ago , I think today it would just have me blogging more to cock-a-snook at them but I was young - only just starting on my 6th decade - and realising that as I only had 28yrs parenting under my belt and the whatnot from the council probably had a degree - well what would any sensible mother do ? I took the blog down before I put my child in real danger by exposing her to state interference in our lives.
You blog Little Berries journey through life and if anybody suggests you shouldn't just give me a shout and I will be there :laser::laser: I have so much simmering resentment that being able to relieve it will bring me such joy.....


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4 years ago, wow how time flies, still can't believe that when you consider some of the blogs that are out there that detail far more than you ever did. xx
Yeah, blog seems like a good idea and I'm sure you can protect it with a password so no one else have acess to it unless they have the password. Will look into it,

Thank you