Keep secret courts says Sue Berelowitz


Alice reports on the Deputy Children's Commissioner supporting the continued secrecy of the family courts.

Keep secret courts says Sue Berelowitz

During her address, Miss Berelowitz broke a widely observed media rule and described a common means of suicide. She added: 'I genuinely fear that it is only a matter of time before this deeply misguided motion, which has at its heart, I believe, an utter disregard for the welfare and best interests of children, and is, in my view, therefore unlawful, will result in the death of a child.'
Meanwhile the equivalent 'chocolate fireguard' children's champion in Scotland sees nothing wrong in armies of state snoopers acting unlawfully by routinely breaching data protection regulations and children's rights to privacy.

Miss Berelowitz's suicide warning was greeted with amazement among campaigners for open justice and media figures.

Lib Dem MP John Hemming said: 'I don't know what planet this woman is on. If the media had not looked at the abuse of children in care, the events in Rotherham would never have been known.'
Sceptics might argue that, rather than protect the interests of children
Perhaps it is the failings of the court system which Miss Berelowitz wishes to remain hidden.
This sort of 'pre-grave robbing' might be construed as a last ditch attempt by the melting fireguard brigade to avoid scrutiny of scandals such as forced adoptions, Rotherham and the rest.

Smear tactics and distraction techniques are meanwhile being practised by the likes of OFSTEd to take the heat off their abysmal failures to investigate increasingly smelly piles of elephant dung in their own classrooms.

Remember Maggie 'Two Words' Atkinson's smearing of home educators and how her misrepresentation was exposed by the hard facts of a serious case review? They really don't like the lights shining back at them.