Just written my letter!!!!!!

Well I've sort of taken the first step, I've just written a letter to the head of my chldrens school, my daughter is a little upset because one minute she wants me to do it and the next minute she doesnt.

I am taking control and am just going to do it, she wll be fine and if it doesnt work out then we can always do something about it. I just want the bullying to stop and I think this is the only way.

I havent sent the letter yet, I have given a little information as to why I am taking my children out of school but only because they have been quite supportive over the years with my daughte, what I need to know is can this be emailed to her or would it be best to take the letter into school?:noidea:
Hi picklemummy4, well done, we are in the process of writing our letter. The advice we have been given is to send it recorded delivery and keep a copy. If anyone else has a better way, like you I could do with some help.:ear:Like your child, mine changes his mind, not for long though.Some times as parents we have to make the final decision, children can't always sea how the problem will develop if they are left within it. Good luck to you and your family, enjoy, we are going to!:cheer2::peace:


Well done. Take the letter into school and ask for a receipt. Schools often 'lose' the deregistration letter EVEN if they have it handed in.

hi,we live near York, small village, with schools from infants up to senior, which we thought was great. That is until our 8yr old started to attend, it has just gone from bad to worse every week since. Where abouts are you?:)
My childrens school is always losing letters, I will hand it directly to the head, it is a shame, I've had one daughter go through the whole school with not much trouble at all, any trouble she did have was dealt with and everything was fine, she had lovely teachers and they all adored her. I think that they expected my other two to be exactly the same and they really arent lol they have had nothing but trouble since they have been there. I really hope that this all goes well.

I live in Kent Lady josie, Isle of Sheppey, I hate it here, its very cliquey and if you're not from here (which I am not) then you will never really fit in, we've lived here 9 years now and I still dont fit lol
Hi - I am a newbie - my eldest is off to the local high school, starting Year 7 but due to serious safeguarding issues I have taken my youngest 6 yrs out of the primary school and now home schooling, we are both sooooooo excited!!!! - we are on holiday for a week and then I was going to email the Head simply saying "I would like to degister my child from school" - no explanation as the school know even though they deny what they have done, I mentioned pulling my youngest before year end but think Head thought I was making an idle threat, she doesn't know me!!!! . . . I am going to email so she gets it on the first day, then thanks to advice on this site, I will back up with a Special Delivery Letter!!!