It's good to talk about GIRFEC (and Jimmy Savile)

Latest from Schoolhouse: It's good to talk about GIRFEC (and Jimmy Savile)

Schoolhouse would urge Every Citizen to visit the site, comment and pass on the information to others (who, thanks to Pinocchio PR and lazy journalists, may still be labouring under the misapprehension that this is about protecting vulnerable children) as we really need some informed debate about what is set to become the most fundamental shift in the relationship between citizen and state.

The proposed compulsory imposition of a Named Person (selected by the state) to gather, share and use (lose or abuse) the personal data of every child (and associated adult) to ‘enable and ensure’ that child’s ‘pathway’ according to the state’s preferred parenting template and towards the state’s desired homogenised outcomes will effectively drive a wedge between every child and his/her parent(s). There is no opt-out (although we would hazard a guess that there might be exceptions for the children of celebrities, politicians and the super wealthy, as was the case with the discredited ContactPoint, because the system won’t be secure and can never be secured – just ask Gary McKinnon).

As one home educator commented, the Named Person may as well be called ’Jimmy Savile’ because abuse of power is what GIREC is all about.