Isle of Man home education proposals: fundraiser for legal opinion


A fundraiser for counsel's opinion of the latest assault on home eduation in England quickly reached its target, but let's not forget the families in Isle of Man who are facing similar persecution.

Please consider contributing to this Manx home educators' GoFundMe appeal for a legal opinion on the human rights impact of proposals that engage several human Articles of the ECHR and may be subject to challenge.

Access to justice is enormously costly, but it seems some people are extremely nervous about home educating families rocking the boat by merely asking for an expert legal opinion on the human rights impact of govt proposals. It begs several questions...similar to those posed recently to Scotland's deputy first minster.

This legal opinion (pdf download) that was sought by EO in 2008 has recently been obtained via FOI and raises some interesting human rights arguments which are strengthened by case law that has emerged in the interim period.

See also Allan Norman's report.