I'm Michael Gove!?!

Why is there so much support for coursework in GCSEs and conversely opposition to all examination GCSEs amongst those of a socially liberal disposition? I can agree with coursework in certain subjects such as art, music, and design technology as they are creative rather than academic subjects but I strongly believe that English, mathematics, and science should be all examination. As a result people have told me that I'm Michael Gove.

One argument in favour of coursework is that it's more inclusive than all examination but I find this hard to believe. My definition of inclusive means that it's easy for the following people to obtain qualifications: Home educated children; children at school who want to take a GCSE the school doesn't offer or take a GCSE before Y11; adults who are unable to attend college on a regular basis; prisoners. All examination GCSEs suits such people whereas coursework can be prohibitive for such people.