IKEA Education Exhibition, Reading, 3 June 2016


We have been asked to notify home educators in the Reading area of the IKEA Exhibition which will be in the area on 3 June.

If interested, please email Rosie.leach[at]zinc.media

The IKEA Education Exhibition that is going to be travelling down the Thames during the month of June - making a stopover at Caversham Bridge during the half term holidays on Friday 3rd June. We are offering home schoolers in the area the opportunity to bring their Key Stage 2 pupils along to the mooring on the morning of this date.

The visit will include a tour of the curated exhibition which is spread over three decks, demonstrating IKEA’s understanding of life at home for families living in the region. The workshop focuses on problem solving and innovation, how IKEA approaches its design challenges.

If your members would like to make a booking, please contact me and we can arrange according to the availability of places.

Kind regards,

Rosie Leach
IKEA Education Team