I wouldn't talk to a stranger


Home ed young person speaks out against named person in Sunday Time Scotland: I wouldn't talk to a stranger

As a home-educated young person, Faith worries that her own compulsory monitor will be a “total stranger”. “Why on earth would I want to approach a complete stranger for any advice when I’m a part of a happy and caring family?” she asks.

Home educators are vehement critics of the scheme, fearing that they and other minority groups will be targeted by council and NHS personnel using a government checklist of more than 200 risk indicators — all open to interpretation — to assess their “parental capacity to provide wellbeing”.

The threshold for action by practitioners has been lowered from “risk of significant harm” to the nebulous concept of “wellbeing”, so children’s and parents’ data can be gathered and shared without their consent, or even knowledge. Interventions may then be applied to those who tick too many risk boxes, with few checks or balances.