how to start home schooling


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What do you need to start home educating,my son did not get any of his 3 choice schools.He is very gifted in mathematics and english
He feels very let down as he has done really well his primary school is outstanding by ofsted the school he got allocated is in special measures so we feel this is not acceptable as does his teacher and headteacher.I have a appeal at a school but my husband and i feel home schooling is the only option left if we dont get the appeal any advice about home schooling good or bad will be much appreciated and do you think home schooling would be better than a school in special measures thanks


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Hi, I am considering home schooling my children from next week.
We moved here 2 years ago and could not get them into the nearest school. I have struggled so much with the school run dominating my life, as well as the other demands of school and life. I think this will give us a calmer pace of life overall.

I watched some videos on youtube about home schooling. I have watched a few by this guy, a few things he has said have been a tiny bit odd but generally some good advice.

Type in home school pros and cons and there is some honest advice. One woman said how sometimes you wish they could just go to school to give you a break, but not because you feel they will give your child a better start, and overall life becomes happier and less stressful for everyone despite the challenges.

You can only do what you feel happiest doing