How to go about removing a child from school


I have done some research regarding this and I will be asking for advice from various professionl people who already dela with our children, but does anyone have a templated letter that you send to your LEA?

I am just really looking for something so I can get an idea of what to put in it.

What is the first step with trying to remove a 6 year old from school? Do we inform the school first?

Also - does anyone know roughly how long it can take for the LEA to decide? Rachel is about to start primary 2, so am I looking at her being there for a while yet before I can home school her?

sorry for so many questions. I just wanted to get this done ASAP

thank you for any replies



The Schoolhouse website has all the info you will need to obtain consent to withdraw your child from school.

Your letter to the LA should include an outline of your planned educational provision. Fortunately, Fife Council is not considered to be obstructive when it comes to elective home education and there are quite a few home ed families in Fife.