How Children Learn at Home


How Children Learn At Home Alan Thomas & Harriet Pattison

This web site is about our research into how children learn. Our interest in how children learn is different to most research about learning because it is concerned with how children learn at home rather than how children learn in school or in other situations which adults have set up for child learning. How children learn at home is different to how children learn in school because at home they are free to learn in ways which are not possible or permitted in school. Our research explores these ways and seeks to understand what it is that children do that enables them to learn rather than what it is that adults can do to help children learn. Those of us who are parents or who have had close contact with children know that children are very good learners. How children learn includes techniques such as watching and imitating other people as well as working things out for themselves by wondering and experimenting. Consolidating and exploring ideas through play is another example of how children learn. At home, before entering formal education this is how children learn. Our work is concerned with how children learn in this way after the age of five and how children learn the school subjects (such as reading and writing) in this manner and without formal teaching.