Home educators in Eire won't 'apply' for their rights


Update from Eire

Eire plumbs new depths in the war against the family.

A message from Monica posted yesterday:
Grateful to be at home tonight.. traumatic day waiting to be taken to Mountjoy prison. Thanks for all the wonderful messages of support and those "pulling-no-punches" emails, letters and phone calls to various Ministers. I won't name everyone who came to our home and the patient supporters-in-waiting at the prison (afraid I'll leave out anyone!)... but THANK YOU ALL!! Brain turning to mush now. There will be an interview on Newstalk 106 at 7.50am for early risers.
Update from Eddie:
Mid afternoon .. Seven hours waiting and waiting. What an emotional day. Started off at seven am this morning resigned to Monica going to prison and then as time wore on we started wondering what is happening and then the more we waited and waited, the more tense it became. As the waiting got longer and longer Monica became more traumatized and had to lie down. The younger children were tired and upset. Finally rang Gardai an hour ago (after waiting 6 hours) to be told that the arresting officer has gone to Kilkenny for a training day. She will be back in the office tomorrow. We were not informed. It's surreal. The lack of humanity and basic decency is staggering. However, nothing surprises any more with all of this. Eight months now wondering when we are going to prison. Every day we get up wondering. Today we were resigned that something was finally happening and then this. In some ways it's worse than going to prison. What a traumatic emotional day. Monica is an amazing woman. The interview she gave to the local radio station in the midst of all of this is nothing short of phenomenal.
One commenter sums it up:

Can you believe it? Here is a parent with proven good results with older children now threatened with prison because they will not, on principle, apply for permission and approval to home educate their own children. (Eire)
This is NOT about ensuring education or safeguarding children.
This is about the take down of family as the fundamental unit of society with responsibility for children.
This is the hostile take over bid of the state.
Coming to a street near you soon!!!
Comment by Eddie:

My name is Eddie O'Neill. I am a secondary school teacher and I am the father in this video. In essence we are all educated at home. From the moment we are born our parents educate us.They explain manners, how to eat properly, how to communicate effectively, how to be part of a 'civilised' society etc. In or around 6 years of age most parents these days 'send' their children to school. Our family just decided to continue on as we had done from birth with educating our children at home. It is not only our right to educate our children at home it is our duty. We do NOT need anyone's permission to do this. Article 42 reads
1.The parents are the primary educators. 2. The state shall not oblige parents to send their children to school. 3 The state as guardians of the common good shall ensure that each child receives a certain minimum education. It is our duty to educate our children as we see fit. If however we are failing in this then there are enough people employed in the state to come to the aid of the children. We DO NOT have to apply to carry out our Constitutional duty.When our children are sent to school a contract is created. Parents sign forms etc.and one of the terms of the contract is that children may not miss more than 20 days per year. In our case we never 'sent' our children to school so we have no contract with any school. The authorities decided that we are the same as all other truants and went through the system of school attendance notices, court summonses, fines and now prison. [After the court case we Made an Application to have a case stated . The HOME EDUCATION SUPPORT FUND face-book page has our affidavits relating to this. It give an interesting indication of what went on in court that day and may be helpful to other people going through the courts.

This is about education true enough. But more importantly it's about The Family (Article 41 of constitution). It is an attack on our family's desire to live our way.

BTW we do not send our children to school because they would rather be educated at home and anyway they will only learn TWO things at school (like most people), 1. They will learn to "TO DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD" and 2. They will learn "TO WAIT FOR PERMISSION". So when water charges and all the other taxes are foisted on us we will pay the taxes because we have learned to DO WHAT WE ARE TOLD and if we want to protest we will find it difficult because WE HAVE LEARNED TO WAIT FOR PERMISSION.

PS In 1912 Padraig Pearse called The Education System the 'Murder Machine' .. I know I've spent 20 years working in it !!
More info at Home Education Support Fund


Listen to Monica on the persecution of parents who refuse to apply for their constitutional rights.

"Don't give into the bullies as they will be back for your lunch money tomorrrow".

They deserve our unstinting support for making a principled stand against state bullying.



Ireland's shame

Ireland's shame

...since 2000, the government of Ireland has taken it upon themselves to licence the right to educate your children at home. This despite that right being explicitly buttoned into Article 42 of the Irish Constitution by Eamonn de Valera.
If everyone has the same education then who is going to propose the outside-the-box solutions? Clearly we want every child in the state to achieve at least "a certain minimum education" as required by Article 42, but compelling the handful of home-educating parents to register with a government appointed quango is maybe not the best way of achieving this laudable aim.
Thanks Monica and Eddie for taking one for the team. I'm sure you'll handle slopping out with the care and competence that you've handled so much else, including raising of a parcel children who stand up straight so that they can see over the hedge.
often capitalized :* a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
:* a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>

I find it terrifying that this is happening in countries all over the world, yet the populations of these countries have been conditioned to not only not see it, but to accept it without question and even support it.

No wonder more and more governments are trying to control Home Education - such a dangerous, freethinking concept.
Schoolhouse comment

Schoolhouse comment with link to this thread.

Ireland’s shame: only the F word will do

Schoolhouse utterly condemns the shameful actions of the Irish state in persecuting a family who have chosen to exercise their constitutional right to educate their children outside the school system. We support the courageous and principled stance of fellow home educators in Eire and across the world who have been harassed and victimised by the state for defending the rights and freedoms of families in all their glorious diversity.

Meanwhile here in Scotland, GIRFEC, SHANARRI and the Curriculum for Excellence are simply kilted manifestations of the same global control agenda, which relies on universal data theft to justify state interference in family life, based on the state’s own concept of what represents a ‘worthwhile’ human being. Think about it, please, before it’s too late.


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Extradition laws were originally intended to combat terror, so we were told; to get terrorists back to face a court.

If those laws are being used on parents defying diktats from government officials how long before a family is extradited because they migrated, from say Ireland to Britain, to home educate their children?
Of course, we are aware of the attitude in Sweden:

Swedish Home-School Family ‘Broken to Pieces’

However, the scope of an EU arrest warrant is:

Framework decision on the European arrest warrant (EAW)

1. A European arrest warrant may be issued for acts punishable by the law of the issuing Member State by a custodial sentence or a detention order for a maximum period of at least 12 months or, where a sentence has been passed or a detention order has been made, for sentences of at least four months.
A dispute between a home educating family would have to reach a very serious level for a custodial sentence to have been justified. Any home educating family would, presumably, made their move before that stage.


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Not necessarily. If taking a child out of hospital to get him better treatment elsewhere is an offence that can be spun to be extradition worthy why won't putting a child at "significant" harm by taking him out of school not qualify? Or the serious "safeguarding" issue of deregistering? If a social worker is sufficiently "concerned" they hand it over to the police who are then just "doing their job".


And still the sleepwalkers don't seem to think it could possibly affect them in their comforable little bubbles. They'd probably believe any old jack booted Nazi who told them "Arbeit macht frei".