Home education under threat as Ireland joins the UNCRC ‘pick and mix’ party


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Latest HEF comment on developments in Ireland: Home education under threat as Ireland joins the UNCRC ‘pick and mix’ party

Irish home educators are once again under threat as proposals have been covertly concocted, with no stakeholder consultation, to allow state agents access to private family homes and force children to submit to interrogation by strangers without their consent. In tried and tested dissembling fashion, the Irish state is selectively citing UNCRC Articles to validate the violation.
It is well worth parents reminding their children that they have the right to offer a view, but only if they choose to exercise it, and can opt to decline the ‘opportunity’. Compelling or coercing children to meet with strangers demanding personal information, with no right to have a trusted adult present, is a gross infringement of their UNCRC rights, which are once again being deliberately misrepresented by the state to suit its own agenda of increased interference in children’s and families’ lives. We have covered this in a previous article: When children’s rights are wronged.

It is also worth repeating ad nauseam to those who don’t ever seem to ‘get it right’ that the UNCRC applies, at least allegedly, to all children, including schooled children (whose views are routinely ignored, contrary to Article 12). It should not to be treated like a ‘pick and mix’ sweetie counter where the charms of strawberry creams trump those of chewy caramels.
The Irish state seems hell bent on picking and choosing which rights to enforce and on whom. How long will it be before the Garda start marching citizens to the polling booths at gunpoint to “ensure their voices are heard”?
Have you seen the survey on the subject. For some reason it makes me think of the question "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Irish home educators are encouraging people to fill in all the boxes with "none".


I have filled in the spaces with some pretty annoyed words.

Does anyone know how Monica and her family are doing now? What
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