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Hello, I'm new to forums, I have emailed admin to ask for permission to view the private family forums but still no response.
How else can I find out about the Glasgow meet?
Keen to meet up for a chat about home ed, considering all my options at the moment, little ones are 3 and 2.
Many thanks in advance

Glasgow group is meeting tomorrow at the North Kelvin Meadow from 12pm , though we are often late...

Tomorrow we are celebrating the Autumn Equinox with a collective stone soup and some seasonal baking, if you can manage, but no pressure at all to bring anything. If you would like to contribute to the soup, any veg or herb will do, and bring a container and spoon to eat the soup :)
New to Homeschooling

Hi There,

We've just begun our home-schooling journey and are keen to meet other families in the Glasgow area who homeschool. Please let us know where this week's meet-up is.

Many Thanks


You'll be able to find details of Glasgow group activities in the private forums (you should now have access).

:welcome: to the forums.