Home Education Clichés – The Kitchen Table Project


Every picture tells a story. :D

Home Education Clichés – The Kitchen Table Project

One of the many clichés about home education is that it takes place primarily around the kitchen table. The Learning Zone decided to use this as a basis for a short film. We are making a time-lapse film around a kitchen table but we moved the table to the beach and used it as a central point to film some typical learning zone activities. The film is still being edited but we had a great day out at the beach regardless of how the film turns out.
I'm doing a Botanical Art course, so the Dining Table is MINE, ALL MINE!!! :heh: Except for Sundays, when we clear it for a sit down meal, then it all goes back :laugh:

I'm a cliche - Yay!

We find that HE takes place in all sorts of places, back of the car, all over the floor, in the garden, in the supermarket, on the sofa, standing up, lying down, on one leg (yes, really! lol ) the list is endless.

One Home Educating friend tells me that in their one and only LA inspection the person who came saw the Big Kitchen Table and basically said that they were satisfied - because of the table!!! :faint: