Home Edu, how did it happen?

Hi all
I was of that ilk, we live in sticks so we decided to sent them to school mainly to get social interaction. My eldest had speech therapy for all the 4 years he went to school.
Last Year before Easter holidays, it became very clear that this school business was a waste of time, money, fuel and the very childhood of our sons.
So little was achieved for such a huge amount of time. We had hardly any quality time with them. The school was 10 miles away and the country lanes took forever.
My eldest was lagging behind the class, due to his speech. It had a knock on effect on everything. He was frustrated and losing his confidence.
The decision to H. E. has brought so much freedom and joy and a natural flowering of their innate capabilities and above all they are able to enjoy their childhood again. We are doing things slowly and at a pace that comes natural to them. The education is more wholesome now than it ever was
Thanks for reading