Hey, Vijay!

Sometimes It's Peaceful, but not today for Vijay Patel of the NSPCC.

Calls for his resignation are gathering momentum, it seems. Time for him to do the decent thing now that he has destroyed the last vestiges of credibility for the sham and shambolic home education review.


"A lot of my children,"

What? His children?

"who are mainly on council estates,"

Why should that make any difference? Obviously just a little hateful snippet thrown in to incite social prejudice.

" don’t actually sit any GCSEs or any examinations of any kind when they’ve been home educated and they just go out into the world of work and fend for themselves."

Indeed. Apart from the question of funding examinations, for those that want them, how many people have done quite well for themselves by going out into the world of work and fending for themselves without GCSEs? And how many graduates are in low paid, exploitative jobs? How high a value do employers place on GCSEs? And why must any qualification you require be achieved so early in life?

"I think it’s an indictment of the education they get at home. Um, you see often we get newspaper articles showing affluent, middle-class families educating their children. That’s not what I see most of the time."

There we go with the old poor (relatively poor, at that) equals thick and probably degenerate argument again. Tailored, I suspect, for what he thinks is the Radio 4 audience.

"I do see some very good teaching, by people who know what they’re doing, but the great majority of my children don’t get GCSEs when they’ve finished and go out into.. onto the workforce, just trying to fend for themselves."

Workforce? What does he mean by that? Sounds like wage-slavery, to me. Someone who's just trying to fend for themselves... isn't that an entrepreneur? Makes sense, really. If you want a nation of indentured serfs, it isn't a good idea to have many entrepreneurs who can create wealth for themselves and their communities by doing something of actual worth. Why, it might rob those 'wealth creators' in the city of their fraudulent claim to the title. That's who 'the workforce' is working for. Crooked bankers and corrupt politicians. Theives, gamblers and alchemists.

Moony at Mooney! ( Y )
Take an "o" from Mooney and you come close to his motive.

And he must have been very busy doing home visits on these council estates if they are all "his" children. :rolleyes: