Help with University requirements in Scotland

Hello! I have homeschooled my daughter most of her education. She completed 1st and 2nd year of secondary with me and then wanted to go back to regular secondary school this year. She found that she does not like it at all and is begging to be homeschooled again. I would love to but my only issue is that if she wants to go to uni that she has everything she needs to get in. Part of her reluctance to regular school is all the testing! So I guess what I am wondering about is is it possible to get into uni in Scotland without taking the formal tests (Credit & Highers). Is it enough to follow our own curriculum and keep our own records and portfolio of her work to submit. Has anyone faced this challenge yet and how did it work? I am also planning on contacting a few universities to inquire but thought i wouls start here first. Thanks for any wisdom / advice anyone can offer! Blessings, Heather


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I was home educated and went to university. I first went to Dundee College and got myself an HNC in the rough area that I was interested in then I applied to Dundee Uni and got in no problem. I personally would strongly suggest going to college first as it is a good introduction to getting essays etc done to deadlines, most of the people I knew that came to uni straight from school needed a lot of help in the beginning with that side of things.