Hello from Plymouth


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New on here and new to home-ed. Starting with my 11yr old son, will be followed by younger ones when they're ready.
Anyone around us in Devon?
My son is happy to be doing it, but I can really notice a school mind-set. It's like he waits to be told what to do all the time. Even though he's very imaginative and arty he seems to feel that he's not allowed to do things.
Anyone else noticed things like that? Will it just take time?
Be glad to hear any opinions.
Thanks Verity


Hi Verity,

Your son has just emerged from prison in which even his bodily needs were regulated. One of my two girls was talking about the poem Tyger, Tyger to us a few days after leaving school. She parroted what her teacher had said in class. It takes some time to shake off the schooling.

Don't worry. It will happen. It will probably happen to him before you know it.

Welcome to the forums.



:welcome: to the forums, Verity.

There are some members on here from around your way who will hopefully be along shortly to say hello.

Deschooling does take time. It is said to take approximately a month for every year the child has spent in school, but once they emerge as truly autonomous learners, the world is their oyster and there is no holding them back.