HE vs school court cases

Prompted by a query from another HE single parent....

has anyone any information on cases that have been taken to court by ex-partners to get children into school?

If so how many people have won? Those that lost does anyone know whether there were other reasons?

Any info/recent experiences welcomed - either for sharing on the forum (possibly in the private area?) Or I'll happily pass contact info on to the original enquirer.

Elaine Kirk

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I would suggest she goes with what she believes to be right for her children.
Judges , solicitors, cafcass whoever is involved WILL pick up on who is acting in what they believe to be the best interests of their child and who is acting out of spite.
If you are doing what you believe in you are much more believable.

Elaine Kirk

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Good solicitors etc will ask him why he wants school and put him on the spot asking for the schools ofsted etc
A good solicitor will ask WHAT THE CHILDREN WANT TO DO


The child's best interests should always be considered paramount by the courts in circumstances where bones of contention (like home ed or vaccination) arise on separation/divorce.

As we know, however, prejudice against home ed can run deep and I know of a few bitter cases where children have been forced back into school when they have been deemed too young to make a competent and informed decision for themselves.

Legal advice is a must when this sort of dispute arises.
Thanks Elaine & Ali,
My understanding is the HE single parent has legal advice, but as with all these situations,that in itself doesn't stop things progressing.