HE at year 9??

I recently started HE my 5 year old as she has ASD and wasn't coping very well at school. It is going great and we are making great progress. Tonight my 14 year old has told me she is being bullied by another girl in her class after they fell out recently she is do upset and wants to move schools! I'm now wondering about just taking the bull by the horns and home educating all my children. From not knowing much about home ed I know can't believe how much it seems to be the best option. I'm not happy with the school she is in, it's been in special measures for the last two years and now my daughter doesn't want to be there I think it might be the right time to say enough is enough.
How easy is it though to HE a teenager? I presume they can sit GCSE's as outside candidates? Anyone got sny advise to offer about starting with a 14 year old? Luckily she is studious so that's half the battle I think.
Thanks in advance


My eldest came out at a few weeks before she was thirteen after being bullied, and my youngest was eleven. They had no trouble home educating themselves with me as their main facilitator. I was able to source some free through the local council GCSEs, but it was even better when she found the Open University courses (higher than A levels) very easy and did well in them. She received a Legal Studies certificate and parlayed that and her other courses into an acceptance at a UK university and is now studying for a year in Japan as part of her UK course. After the first essay was turned in her tutor asked her if she was going on for an MA and a PhD because her work was so good. My other lovely girl is a self-taught commissioned artist who has also made very popular videos. Not bad for home educated young people!