Happy 20th birthday to us!


Today is the 20th birthday of the Scottish Home Ed Forum! :attention:

We started out on 17 May 1999 as the Scottish Home Ed List and this was the very first post:

Look out for two (very nervous) Scottish home educated teenagers on The Mag, Channel 5, on Sunday 23 May @12.30pm. Also featured was a lad from Summerhill school and there was a short accompanying film. The discussion theme was: 'Does school prepare you for life?'.
The nervous teenagers (and their younger brother) are all now in their 30s and carving out very different careers of their own thanks to their autonomous home education.

I'll use this thread to post some of the more interesting snapshots from our archives, which document the many changes that have happened over two decades. Meanwhile look out for details of forum events and projects we have planned for the year ahead (and beyond) which will be posted on social media.

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Ours was always a family-friendly group.

I have permission to share this post from a then 9-year-old in July 1999, but have been asked to point out that he now knows plurals don't have apostrophes!

I was wondering if anybody could tell me any information for my next project. I really like computer's and I would like to find out as much as possible if anybody who was around when they were invented knows anything or just know something please post a reply!! I am still waiting for someone to tell me info on uploading pages to the web I would ask my uncle but he has been in a car crash and is not replying to his e-mail's (wonder why??)
Oh yes and also does anyone know the HTML for thumbnails?
Anyway g2g.
The now 30-year-old has gone on to pursue a career in IT (there was never any doubt!)