German politician blasts 'state education monopoly'


A high ranking political figure in Germany has slammed the country’s education laws for “usurping” children and ignoring the role of parents in a child’s education.

German politician blasts 'state education monopoly,' speaks out for homeschooling

“Today I observe a total usurpation of children by school,” said Norbert Blum, a prominent member of the Christian Democratic Union party. “Children are exhausted by leaving home early in the morning and returning late in the evening.”

“I am against the state’s education monopoly and see parents responsibly homeschooling as a healthy response to an imperious school system,” he said, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Homeschooling was made illegal in Germany by the Nazi regime. Germany has recently cracked down on homeschooling families, handing out crippling fines, seizing children from their homes, and jailing parents who continued to teach their children at home.
Blum will be delivering a speech in support of parental freedom in education at the upcoming Global Home Education Conference 2012 in Berlin next week.