gcse maths


Starting this sept to do gcse maths with my daughter. She struggles a bit with maths and soon forgets. After looking through the books im starting to realise that if we follow them page by page we wont be doing subjects such as algebra until the end of next year! Not doing algebra for well over a year sounds great but i would rather do a bit of everything each of the 2 gcse years and build on it in the 2nd year - can anyone suggest a good maths book that does this please


GCSE maths

A couple of things which may be helpful...

a) I would first identify which exam board you are intending to sit; most exam syllabuses have a specific textbook which may be useful. For example, we did Edexcel - and the older textbook (the one for the previous syllabus) does break up things like algebra in to chunks.

b) Many home educators find Conquer maths excellent - you can then do topics in any order, and revisit them at any time to go over each bit. There is a 40% discount for home educators www.conquermaths.com

c) There is a massive free resource for maths at

You can download each chapter (or you can buy the books from them directly at low cost) and there are lots of extra exercises and test materials on the site.



Or encourage your child to play games on the computer. I overheard my youngest (hated/hates Maths and won't touch it with a bargepole) explaining ratios one day to her sister (who has passed GCSE Maths).

Sometimes it's a matter of maturity. I personally think that some people's brains (mine, for example) don't 'get' parts of Maths until they're ready. Stuff I couldn't do at school I 'got' at University.