My son is home educated and aged 13 and wants to do a course with Animal Jobs Direct (SCQF level 5, QCF level 2).
We are looking for funding.
We live in Scotland.

SAAS do part-time funding but only if you are aged 16, and only for SCQF level 7 (QCF level 4) or higher.
The Prince's Trust will help but you must be age 14.
I have contacted the Scottish Government, but they have no answer apart from referring me to Schoolhouse, which is why I am posting here.

Does anyone know any other options?


:welcome: to the forums Bruce.

Sometimes local trusts will make grants to young people for such purposes, but this is becoming as rare as hens' teeth and there ard invariably obstacles to surmount (e.g. child has a disability and / or is prevented from taking the conventional route to quals via school etc).

In the circumstances you describe, your best bet may well be to wait the relatively short period until your son is 14 and apply to the Princes Trust. SAAS is generally intransigent on such matters.

How much are the fees for such a course as a metter of interest?
I think the only option is for you to pay it yourself or wait until your son is 14, I was surprised to read that you could get funding for 14 year olds, everything we look at has a age limit of 16+, and we were willing to cover the costs ourselves, so thanks for highlighting the Princes Trust, as its something we have'nt looked at, good luck to your son in the courses he has chosen.
Many thanks for your replies.

My son wants to do the £145 short course (see here) now rather than wait, but we will take advantage of The Prince's Trust when he turns 14, for possibly other courses at Animal Jobs Direct.

I have spoken with Animal Jobs Direct and they say they have quite a number of young people with Prince's Trust help. They have a wide range of animal courses at different qualification levels.
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