Functional Skills in Maths and English


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Have any of your children (or YOu) taken the funcional skill tests in Maths, English or IT. As I understand it level 2 is the equilivent to GCSE A-C. I just wondered how you acessed the course - ie is it possbile to do it on line or have people bought books. Also how did your child take the test. Then have people experience of FE colledges accepting it as equimlent to GCSE

Learn are also similar learn direct courses but I am not sure if you can still register for these as I think they are being phased out. Anyone offer help
Hi Sarah,

There's a forum on the HE UK site about courses and examinations so it might be worth having a look on there if no-one here gets back to you (only saying as I read your post and can't offer any advice other than suggesting somewhere else to have a look!).