For *all* parents: time to wake up

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"The time has come for all parents to wake up and become aware of the massive legal changes that are being rolled out and will affect us all."

The Every Child Matters (ECM) agenda is known as Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) in Scotland. Both are founded upon the whopping great lie that the Laming Inquiry into Victoria Climbie's murder in England and the Herbison Inquiry into Danielle Reid's death in Scotland were the drivers towards surveilling every child in the UK, thereby easing in ID cards and the National Identity Register by stealth under the 'child protection' banner.

The truth is that Victoria and Danielle were both failed spectacularly by the myriad of agencies to whom they were already known and who were heavily criticised for inaction and ineptitude in the wake of their deaths.

While England sleepwalks into this, there may still be some hope in Scotland as the SNP Government has rejected the ID card roll out. Bizarrely, however, Scottish ministers still appear blind to the universal surveillance agenda behind a plethora of alleged 'child protection' initiatives. It's time for them to wake up too before it's too late.


Two years ago, some state sponsored anti home education agitators in Scotland, aided and abetted by the BBC, attempted to smear the home education community by deliberately linking the murder of Danielle Reid to home education.

For the record, Danielle was never home educated and was already known to be at risk by the school she attended and Highland Council Social Work Department. However, none of the 'caring' agencies took any action to save her.

Home educators are not abusers was published in the TES Scotland in response to this unjustified and vitriolic attack on a minority group by those whose motives included a mixture of ignorance, arrogance and vested interests.

Plus ca change...