Flown the nest and flourishing


In case anyone missed me, I've been to London town to visit my (formerly home ed) daughter.

I can't help feeling we must have done a few things right as she is obviously very happy with the way her life is going. She has just landed the job of her dreams in her chosen field, has moved into a lovely flat in a nice bit of south London and has a wide circle of friends. She can even cook!

Those who knew her as a child will remember there were only ever two things she wanted to do: go to Glasgow School of Art (she did) and meet the Spice Girls (she hasn't yet).

We still have about a dozen of her illustrated journals from her home ed days which are absolutely priceless and serve as a great reminder of the seamlessness of home ed and everyday life. Typically, the activities we thought were of most 'educational' value barely got a mention, while the small things that just happened were written up and illustrated as memorable life events.

That's really lovely to read, Ali, I'm glad she's doing so well. I agree so much with your comments about the things that didn't seem 'educational' becoming so important; I see that in my son so often now and he, at ten, is shaping up to be a really lovely, well balanced lad. I'm so glad I took him out of school now and it's really nice to read about others whose children are now healthy, happy adults and enjoying life :)
I think you have described the outcome of HE in a nutshell; a journal (or 10) of cherished memories.

B and the boys x