Feral Families is on Channel 4


I think we can see where this is going...

'We just wing it and go with the flow': Meet the parents-of-seven whose home-schooled children have tattoos, play with pick axes and choose their own bedtime

The family are the subject of a Channel 4 documentary series called Feral Families, where parents explain their 'off-grid philosophies'.
Mrs Rawnsley, 35, told the Mirror: 'We just wing it and go with the flow. If the weather is good we sack it off and go out for the day, if it's raining then it's a good day to stay in and do stuff.

'There are no boundaries so the kids get on with life and do what they want.'

The only stipulations the parents set are that their children do not lie or hurt each other and are respectful.
Phoenix did not want to learn to read, but eventually decided to because he wanted to send messages to his friends on XBox.

The children do not take exams or follow the national curriculum and are falling behind their peers.

However, Mrs Rawnsley said she is 'not bothered' by this.
Feral Families is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday.